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14 count Aida cloth chart size?

#17493Shara @ 06/10/17 05:54 AM
How do I make the chart reflect the most commonly used cross stitch fabric- 14 count Aida cloth?? No matter what I do it shows each square on the grid as being 10x10!
Also, even when selecting "cross stitch" from the set up menu, it still asks me what cell size I want instead of rows and columns? I have no idea! I just want 14x14 squares within a set amount of inches- what am I missing?


Re: 14 count Aida cloth chart size?
#17497keiji @ 06/10/17 12:41 PM
Using StitchSketch?
Use cell size 14 x 14 with "count / inch" as a unit.
That means each cell (stitch) is 14/inch size.
(Cloth's "14 count" means 14 counts / inch)
Thread/Count should be 1. (You put 2 there if you are using Linen)

it shows each square on the grid as being 10x10!

Can you tell me more detail? What exactly shows you 10x10?

Re: 14 count Aida cloth chart size?
#17631Nina @ 09/15/17 12:32 AM
The 10x10 grid is what you see on patterns you buy as support lines to help the stitcher count placement of particular stitches. Has nothing to do with the size of your design.

Inside the file settings you choose the size of your design (fabric count, design size aka canvas size) and as Keiji wrote earlier, you choose those for either Aida (1 count) or linen (2 counts).

What you see when designing obviously can be scaled "endlessly" small or large, but no matter the finished size of your design, it is still a huge help to see that 10x10 grid when stitching.

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