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Back stitch

#18939KateS @ 09/24/21 01:51 AM
Hi, the manual says that the “full paid” edition of stitch sketch supports back stitch, and your sample image of the lion shows back stitch being used.

I have the paid “Pro” edition v2.56 running in an iPad Pro — the only paid version of Stitch Sketch I can find.

Where can I find back stitch? If not in this program, what do I need to buy to enable having backstitch? (Would I need to move to the Mac OS program, KG Stitch?) If it is NOT available in Stitch Sketch, please correct your user guide and images.

I don’t want to have to change to a different program as I have created dozens of designs, but I need to have backstitch. If you don’t have it in something I’ll have to buy something else.




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