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      Color Spatioplotter 2

      02/26/15 05:07 AM
      Color Spatioplotter is now available now on the Apple App Store!

      For more detail, visit the page.

      Mozusystems, LLC

      05/12/11 12:28 PM
      I have formed Mozusystems, LLC (WA, U.S.A)

      This site (iktsoft.net) and related software (KG-Chart, TakTrack.NET etc.) are now under Mozusystems, LLC's management.

      In reality, Keiji's going to develop and manage it, so no really big change.
    • Feature Projects

      StitchSketch / KG-Chart for Cross StitchStitchSketch / KG-Chart for Cross Stitch
      A chart designing software: KG-Chart for Cross Stitch

      Mozusystems Software ProductsMozusystems Software Products
      Software applications created by Keiji

      Keiji Ikuta Software Laboratory (en)Keiji Ikuta Software Laboratory (en)
      Keiji Ikuta's Homepage. I'm a Software Engineer, and a Photographer. I'm the developer of this site.

      KG's ArticlesKG's Articles
      Various demo/articles by Keiji

      TakTrack.NET ProjectTakTrack.NET Project
      The TakTrack.NET is an engine of this site.