Oregon Coast - Brookings - Redwood Hwy - Grants Pass

Thursday, April 17, 2008
By keiji
From Brookings, we drove down 101 to California (and got bunch of liquors, of course), and drove up Redwood Hwy to Grants Pass. From there, drove up I-5 to Portland. It took about 7 hours, including rest stops.

Redwood Hwy

This forest was used to shot the chasing scene of Star Wars VI.

In Grants Pass, we had lunch. This is a restrant "Powderhorn Cafe and Pie".

"Caveman Burger". I love a hanburger in US - usually they are really delicious, if you carefully chose the restraint.

Arrived at Portland around 6:30pm. The view of Portland downtown from I-5 is really nice, but I had no change to shot it before. This time my coworker was driving, so I was able to shot the scene! (Unfortunately, I was sitting on the right seat, so couldn't take a full view. Maybe next change!)



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