Modern Web Development Tips

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
By keiji
Category: Web Development
Here are basic TO-DO list and Tips of improving Web page performance with modern way (well, as of Nov. 2010...).

Modern JavaScript Library
Well, at least jQuery or YUI.
ASP.NET can use Ajax Control Toolkit

Basic page structure, "reset"
The foundational YUI Reset CSS file removes and neutralizes the inconsistent default styling of HTML elements, creating a level playing field across A-grade browsers and providing a sound foundation upon which you can explicitly declare your intentions.

HTML5 - HTML5 Boilerplate contains a very good essence of basic HTML/CSS structure.

Performance Check & Tips
YUI Exceptional Performance provide a Best Practices and tool (YSlow).

Google Chrome also provide a developer tools built in, which has a similar functionality as YSlow.

Javascript Loading
YUI Loader Utility
"Loading YUI: Seeds, Core, and Combo-handling", by Eric Miraglia
The YUI Loader makes it possible to load all necessary YUI library just by one call. You don't need to include various dependent files by yourself.

Image Loading
YUI 2: ImageLoader
Loading images only when those are visible.

Minization & Combination of CSS and JavaScript files
Minify, Combine CSS and JavaScript with Visual Studio

MS' tool: Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.0
Yahoo's tool: YUI Compressor

CSS Sprites
CSS Sprites: What They Are, Why They’re Cool, and How To Use Them
Instead of thousands of small images, combine them into one image, and use CSS to display necessary portion as icons.



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