StitchSketch Speedup Project (2)

Sunday, February 10, 2013
By keiji
I've been working hard to improve the performance of StitchSketch.
So far, I rewrote the internal drawing engine, and it seems to be much faster than before. Overall, it is about five(5) to ten(10) times faster to draw screen.
I also changed look & feel, and added some features.
Anyway, it will takes a little more time, so please be patient!

Technically, it now uses Quartz 2D with C++/Objective C++. Most of the drawing code are re-written in C++ (converted from JavaScript and/or ported from KG-Chart). Internal data is now stored in C++, instead of canvas.
So, it is possible and easier to implement layers, vector graphics (back stitches), etc., well in the future.


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